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202                                      FLORA 'INDICA.

umaon and Garhwal that axe not also found in Simla; those
that have hitherto occurred to us are—

Delphinium c&ruleum.                   Stranvaesia glaucescens.

Clematis Nvpalensis.                      Bosa sericea.

Aconitum/m?#.                           Eubus Uflorus.
Berberis wnbettata.                            „     alpestris.

Gaultheria r&pens (mmmularia,         ,,     nutam*

Don).                                       Potentilla microphylla*

Monotropa wiftora.                      Hedera tomentosa.

Pieris villosa.                                 Cinnamomum albiflonm,

Celtis EoxbwrgUi.                         Tetranthera Roxb'iirgUi.
Antidesma dimdrum.                           „          inonopetala.

Of "Western Himalayan plants that have not been recorded
as natives of Kumaon, but are natives of Garhwal, there arc—
Clematis grata.                              Corydalis crUJmifolia,
Derberis Lycium.                           Cotoneaster mdgaris.
We have applied the name (already well known to botanists)
of Simla to the whole district west of the Tons and cast of
the Satlej, including Basehir, Sirmur, and numerous petty
states. It is composed principally of ranges given off from
the rapidly declining Cis-Satlej branch of the Himalaya chain,
which sweeps to the southward and westward, between the
valleys of the Satlej and Tons, The axis of this chain, at the
northern boundary of Simla, separates- that province from
Kunawar, and is crossed by the Burenda and Shatul passes,
which being respectively 15,179 and 15,560 feet, indicate an
elevation of the axis scarcely lower than in Garhwal.
The plains at the foot of the Simla hiUs attain 1000 feet
elevation, and the outer ranges are lower than those of Garh-
wal and Kumaon. Eupar, close to the Satlej amongst the
outer hills, is tinder 1000 feet; Sabathu, a little further in, is
42QO; Kaasowjee 6500.
At Simla, which is situated on the main (Cis-Satlej) chain,